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First Climb (Mt. Batolusong summit)

Hiking, trekking or whatever you call it, was a major mainstream to some people nowadays. Wether you’re a millenial, centennial or even Gen X (why not!) This recreation fits all. Selfies on mountain top invades my newsfeed lately, so papahuli ba ang inyong kaladkaring lingkod? Nah ah ah! T’was a bit late I know, and maybe most of you galing na dito or tried more daring hikes. I may not be the best person to write this blog but, hey! There’s always a first time boo 😘

So ayun nga enough with the disclaimer, here goes the whole experience.

Shoutout to Nakasone Travel and Tours for a smooth sailing trip. We availed their promo package (Mt. Batolusong + kai ibon falls) @ 699 not bad. The trip start when we left Cubao with a van going to Tanay, Rizal. It was 1 in the morning so we still have time to make bawi our sleep (uy conyo). Ayun nga we arrived to our destination ng mga 3:30 or 4 had some short briefing, c.r break and a bit stretching then start the trekk at 4:30.

At first syempre we were so energetic, we keep on laughing and paghaharot with each other and then realized na it was a bad(but fun) idea nung nasa gitna na kami ng trek. Bad idea kase super hingal na hingal kami due to consistent laugh all through out, but fun kase we didn’t noticed the time and heights and syempre pagod is nothing when you’re laughing with your friends (dabah?).

First stop, batong mahiyain. Had to stop by here for a bit rest and off course, pictures! Sky was not cooperative that time, the weather is a bit off but it was never been a problem kase di masyadong mainit. I don’t know to some hikers but for me it’s the perfect weather.

Arrived to the first summit, a little walk and then breakfast at the plateau (and platiteau hahaha). Sky was improving by the time we got there, the weather is so windy like you’d stumble when you don’t have your stable balance. But it was fun! it was so nice feeling the fresh air blow, well forgive me coz’ there’s no such thing here in Manila.

Fast forward. We finally got to reach the final summit. But before that, we had to go through with a tiny taste of adventure.

Using only rope and some rock to grip on, we have to climb these for us to reach the peak. As a girl with a major fear on heights, achievement na to besh! I was so scared to look down while climbing these rocks but it didn’t stop me from choosing this path. Well, there is another way to get to the peak, but hey! Your trip won’t be complete if you don’t experience this. Sagarin mo na ang experience besh!

… and there goes the top of Mt. Batolusong.

Super mahangin with a bit drops of water yung weather pagkaayat namin, malamig and presko.

After namin sa peak, the what you call hiker’s kalbaryo was the way pabalik sa baba. As in, your big toe will engrave its own sa suot mong shoes kase you have to stop yourself from sliding derederetso sa baba.

On our way to our second destination, the Kai ibon falls. It was on the middle of the afternoon and sun was starting to heat up, but still the winds and droplets of water didn’t leave us, so it’s a balance of everything for me.

The kai ibon falls was indeed a paradise. Hindi naman that extravagant like famous falls here in the country, it was simple yet natural. I hope that it’ll stay like it is. The rock formation is majestic, I always admire the creator whenever I see how beautiful the nature is. This place is so relaxing, that even our friends fell asleep while resting here. We ate our packed lunch while mesmerizing the view here for hours.

On our way down back to the camp site, our tour guide asked us if we wanted to go and swim sa cave (forgot the name of the cave) for just 20php, we said why not diba? A nice swim is good after a tiring walk and climb.


It was my first time to see an actual cave. Struggle when you have no province and grew up in the city, everything is a first time.

After taking a refreshing bath we then head back to the van back to Manila.

All in all, the experience is sooooo tiring, soooo exhausting yet sooooooooo fun and memorable. This would definitely be not the last hike I’ll do. Looking forward for a more adventurous and breath taking climb.

Besh? How was your first hike experience? Feel free to comment 🙂

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Free unli kimchi! ❤️

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My friend saw some posts on facebook about this restaurant that offers unli kimchi and affordable ramyeon and we decided to give it a try, We ordered cheese gimbap (the sushi-like rice rolls) @190php my friends ordered Haemul Ramyeon (w/c has shrimp on it) that costs 129php and mine was Ramyeon because I’m allergic to seafood. Everything was good for its price, the ambience has its light feeling maybe because most of their customers are students (La salle in particular) since it was located inside the University Mall. The interior setting is instagramable!

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Thailand in PH!

The Calauan island escapade

A good place to celebrate any occasion, mapa birthday, anniversary, monthsary, weeksary, kahit daysary pa! A complete package of good food, entertainment, attraction and nature.

Good food— this place is under Barrio Fiesta so the food was authentically delicious. The sinampalukang Manok was cooked inside the kawayan and transfer it from kawayan to bowl right in front of us, it costs 300 something for a big bowl of seven cuts chicken. Then the adobong kangkong, urgh! Panalo! That was out favorite! Not your typical adobong kangkong, this one is sooooo malasa and garlicky,then may chunks pa of lechong kawali. Next is the inihaw na tilapia which is I think is mahal since it costs 200+ for 2pcs tilapia, nothing special with the taste just your typical inihaw na tilapia. Lastly, the rice was serve in a cute small kaldero ng kanin hahahah nakakabitin lang since dumating kaming gutom.

Entertainment— the place is packed with entertainment, there’s these singing gentlemen that will serenade you while you were eating, mascots of mickey mouse, donald duck and gooffy, jogglers and unicyclers (feels like we’re on a carnival themed fiesta) the “mahahabang tao” (I don’t know what to call them haha) musicians, dancers and many more. The whole band was marching in the whole place to entertain everyone, Attraction and Nature— you’ll surely enjoy the breathtaking thai inspired theme of Isdaan floating restaurant, this place was full of buddha replicas and statues. It was like a theme park with giant statues of buddha (there are three huge buddhas Red, White and Gold) giant statues of monkey, Elephants and other animals. The place was a Man-made floating restaurants that was connected with kawayan bridges. You can choose kung saan kang kubo, either sa taas with the giant buddhas to enjoy the whole view below or sa baba with the rivers, entertainers and more.

Plus!!— there’s this TACSIYAPO wall where you can throw and break things like plates, mugs, wall clock and even T.V.!! It’s a good way to release stress, heartaches etc. after here you can go straight to Calamba Laguna. (Dikit dikit ang hot springs don hehe)